100% Recyclable table

en core

Stacks 15 high

600 x 600mm

Perfect for exams


Winners announced!

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Drum roll please...

Classroom Designer is now live!

Create stunning 3D designs of your classroom for free

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NEW 2022

en core

Revolutionising the modern classroom, enabling agile environments to be created

one love one chair
en one

100% recyclable and specifically designed to use less plastic

EN One Chair Renders Group Shots.png

Award winning furniture

Sitting on the floor has never been a perfect sitting position. Uncomfortable, bad posture, no back support, no relaxation. Our main aim is to aid all these problems in this one chair

Gess Dubai 2018 for Best Innovative Product


en classic

Ergonomically shaped to encourage attention.

Utilises a waterfall front to help improve circulation.

Spaceforme works with over 400 dealers both nationally and internationally

We have been working with Spaceforme since 2014, helping us to provide effective, high quality furniture solutions for our 4000+ school/college members. The team at Spaceforme are easy to deal with. The assistance and support we receive is pivotal in helping us to provide a 'first class' customer experience.

TEO Education

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The team at Spaceforme UK have always been extremely supportive, resourceful and innovative, and as representing them here in Australia since 2013, we have built a strong partnership together. With awesome product warranties, we know we can sell their products with confidence.

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