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Spaceforme have saved the very popular KM chair range and included it into the Spaceforme family. With the regrettable closure of KM Furniture, Spaceforme took the opportunity to buy the Intellectual Property Rights and moulds for all of the KM seating range. This ensures manufacturing in the UK by Spaceforme and the route to market for the KM chairs through Spaceforme’s network of loyal dealers.
With continued growth Spaceforme has fast become the manufacturer of choice for great furniture combined with great service. It was therefore an obvious choice for Spaceforme to take on the KM chairs. KM have developed some outstanding products, with the P1 polypropylene school chair revolutionising the education furniture market in the 1970’s. Over the years, the range has been developed to meet current standards with an array of popular shell and frame options to meet the needs of the modern classroom environment.
During the downturn of the KM business, service levels were of serious concern for many resellers in the trade. However, with Spaceforme’s commitment to great service and great furniture, the popular KM chairs are now readily available for schools to enjoy.



KM P1 Classic Shell Stacking Chair

The P1 chair was originally developed in 1973 and still remains to be a firm favourite in meeting and canteen areas, due to its high stacking ability and 1970’s retro aesthetics.

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KM P3 Classroom Stacking Chair

The classic P3 polypropylene chair with the distinctive hand hold for easy handling, was developed to meet the six European Standard size marks.

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KM P6 Classroom Stacking Chair

The P6 is the UK’s best selling seating solution. The classic ergonomic polypropylene shell comes with added lumbar support.

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KM P7 Classroom Chair

The P7 chair is an advanced polypropylene chair, with great aesthetics for the modern classroom environment and meets both parts 1 & 2 of the EN1729 standard.

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KM Rectangular Stools

KM NP Rectangular Stacking Stool

The NP Rectangular Stacking Stool remains a firm favourite in science laboratories and arts & craft classrooms, due to its high stacking ability and durability.

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There are many reasons why KM Furniture is so well loved. The brand is long established and is a mainstay in many British schools, as well as schools abroad. This is also the reason why the chairs continue to be specified into new build schools. There is excellent feedback from industry professionals such as; architects, designers, head teachers and business managers. The brand has been around since the start of polypropylene seating and as a result, the range has intuitively evolved with the requirements of the times.

There is a variety of shell options available, including the P1, P3, P6, P7 and NP stool. The metal frames come as a standard black colour for each of the models and a smart grey colour with the P7. There is a choice of 8 brilliant shell colours and 10 for the P7. However, Spaceforme can mould any colour shell that you require. To order special colour shells without a charge, there is a minimum order quantity required with your order. To discuss your specific needs or to request a Spaceforme brochure, please call us at the office on 0333 123 2424. Please be advised: lead times can vary during busy periods. Therefore, we advise that you check lead times at the time of your order.

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