Expanding the reach of Comfortable Seating

The Spaceforme chair goes global

Spaceforme have been busy expanding the reach of comfortable seating this summer. The Spaceforme chair has been sat on by people from across the globe and the reception has been great. Some of the places visited include; GESS in Dubai, ISTE in Texas USA and a number of events in the UK and Europe.

We have found that no matter where you are in the world, people often want the same things from their furniture. That’s why Spaceforme provide furniture that is; comfortable, strong and stylish.

Therefore, Mário Ferreira who is the new International Business Manager, is ferociously heading up our global reach. If you’d like to work with Spaceforme to import our range of comfortable seating, contact Mario on +44 (0) 7771 355 961 or email mario@spaceforme.co.uk


ISTE – Texas, USA

spaceforme ground chairSpaceforme Chair in Texas

The students loved our EN Series chairs. Student’s commented how the shell hugs your back, putting you in a comfortable position to learn. One student even commented how the shell gave such great support, it could be used as a floor seat! She demonstrated this wonderfully above! We love children’s imaginations!


Gess Dubai, UAE

Spaceforme chair in Dubai

This is the third year the Spaceforme team have travelled out to Dubai. This trip was an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with our distributors in Dubai and give schools more opportunity to try out our chairs.


LACA Birmingham UK, with our friends GoPak

Spaceforme chair in UK

GoPak and many others, see the value in the EN Series range of chairs. Especially, how they make an excellent solution for dining areas and halls.


Exams Officer Conference in London, UK

Spaceforme Chair at Exams Officer conference

The EN One is a truly multi-use chair. So much so, that it’s being promoted to schools for use in those important exams. Exam officers in the UK are seeing how comfort and stack-ability from the EN One, is translating to a truly better examination environment and experience for students.


Find out  more – The Spaceforme Chair Range

The Spaceforme chair range, includes popular products such as; EN Series, KM Seating and the Zlite range of chairs. For more information on our full range, please get in touch today. Call us on +44 (0) 333 123 2424 or email us sales@spaceforme.co.uk