Kiribati Excitement As Chairs Arrive

New chairs and desks for the classroom is something students and their teachers in Tarawa, Kiribati were very excited about.

For the last few years, the students having been sitting on the cement floor for their lessons. While this may be comfortable for little children, it was not comfortable for teenagers and made classroom management difficult for the teachers.

The Kiribati Education Improvement Program (KEIP) funded by the Australian Government purchased 2,700 chairs for the classrooms – strong chairs that can withstand the conditions of the school. The chairs have a printed MoE logo on the back and there are three different colours for the three junior secondary schools in South Tarawa. KEIP also provided 1,350 trapezoid-shaped student desks. With this shape, teachers can arrange the class according to their lesson; group work, pair work, individual work.

The arrival on the chairs was also announced on the public radio and students and teachers are very appreciative of having a more comfortable learning space thanks to the Australian government. (Spaceforme EN One chairs supplied by Officeline

His Excellency President Taneti Maamau attended celebrations to open KTC’s new lecture rooms and classrooms on 12 August. The event was also attended by Hon Minister for Education Alexander Teabo, Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries of Ministries.

The new building includes 6 classrooms and 2 air conditioned lecture halls. High quality furniture and internet connectivity has been provided in all rooms.

Australian High Commissioner, Bruce Cowled delivered remarks on behalf of the Australian Government, which funded the construction project. The High Commissioner said:

Australia supports the Government of Kiribati’s KV20 vision, to create a highly educated and skilled population. Australia will continue to support the Ministry of Education’s efforts to improve the quality of education in Kiribati. The new building is another step toward KTC’s accreditation.

Full post can be seen on the Australian High Commission facebook page

For the last few years, the students having been sitting on the cement floor for their lessons.

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