Spaceforme Sponsors Jolly Back

Spaceforme enabled UK Physiotherapist Lorna Taylor to attend 1st European wide “Musculoskeletal health in Education” Event, which focused on “making Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work” and ENETOSH (the European Network for Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health) have launched a new #YoungMSD collaborative project across 20+ European countries which runs until 2022.

The aim of the project is to improve ergonomics in education and promote musculoskeletal health for teachers, children and young people. This will help protect teaching professionals currently working, those entering the profession and our “future workforce”.

Musculoskeletal health in Education” Event EU-OSHA

Lorna Taylor, education-based physiotherapist and founder of Jolly Back was part of a diverse working group of delegates from over 15 countries working in education, occupational health and safety management. Spaceforme sponsored travel to the event in Bilbao, as we are committed to learn all we can to make sure our current and future furniture ranges support good posture.

Lorna said:

“It was a real honour to attend, share good practice examples from here in the UK and learn from others. I’m very grateful to Spaceforme’s commitment to ergonomics in education and assisting me to attend. I’m looking forward to taking an active role within the #YoungMSD project which runs until 2022. I’ll be looking at low-height working for early years and primary teaching and support staff, along with sharing initiatives to improve activity, technology use and posture for children. I’m looking forward to sharing updates and ideas with Spaceforme too”.

Resources created will be translated into 25 European languages to be shared.

Read more about Lorna Taylor and Jolly Back here...

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