The One Chair

  • 260mm (S1) 310mm (S2) 350mm (S3) 380mm (S4) 430mm (S5) and 460mm (S6)
  • 21 chairs high in a 2 metre height
  • compliant parts 1 and 2
  • 150Kg
  • 3.3 kg (S5) 3.5kg (S6)

The One chair is the ideal chair for any classroom, breakout area, dining hall, sports hall, cafe, exam hall and more. For both indoor and outdoor use, the EN One chair is a truly multi-purpose seating solution. With its streamline ergonomic design, light weight polypropylene shell, space saving stack-ability and long-lasting durability, the One chair is unquestionably the new one-piece chair of choice for schools and public facilities. The EN One passes the standard BSEN16139:2013 Level 2 for severe contract use, which demonstrates the chairs strength and durability. The chair of course meets both parts of the European standard BSEN1729 for strength and ergonomics . Also, the chair comes in 9 brilliant colours but any colour can be supplied to match your school colour theme, subject to MOQ.

“The EN One has better posture, better comfort and better style… Plus it stacks better too”

Certificates for EN1729 and EN 16139:2013 level 2 severe contract use:

en one chair - Severe Contract Use Certificateen one chair - EN1729 Certificateen one chair - part 1


Design, Innovation, Solution

Did you know, Spaceforme’s EN ONE chair has an optional innovative linking device? This device cleverly fits onto the underside of the chair. Then easily links with the chair next to it, giving the user a secure seating arrangement. An important feature, to aid compliance with health and safety regulations.

Chair linking device


linking plastic chairs

EN One Chair for New Build Schools

Modern teaching methods are evolving. As a result, modern classroom environments are changing too. For hundreds of years students have sat in identical seating, organised into neat rows. At the front of the classroom was the teacher, with the authority to provide discipline and learning. However, education professionals realise that this setup is outdated and doesn’t provide the best environment for learning for the 21st centuary. Instead, today’s classrooms are encouraged to develop intrinsically motivated learners, in a flexible and inclusive environment.

This is why the EN One Chair is designed with flexibility in mind. The chair is lightweight, so can effortlessly be re-arranged. It has almost vertical stacking, so that it can be easily stored if the user needs to make more space in the classroom. Also, as mentioned above; the EN One chair holds certification for level 2 severe contract use, EN 16139:2013. This demonstrates the chairs durability and longevity.

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EN-ONE1 260mm 480mm 305mm 220mm 400mm 335mm
EN-ONE2 310mm 530mm 305mm 220mm 400mm 340mm
EN-ONE3 350mm 630mm 335mm 300mm 460mm 405mm
EN-ONE4 380mm 660mm 335mm 300mm 460mm 410mm
EN-ONE5 430mm 770mm 365mm 378mm 500mm 510mm
EN-ONE6 460mm 800mm 365mm 378mm 500mm 515mm

9 Brilliant Colours Available

21 Years
3-5 Days